What SEO Companies You Should Avoid – 8 Red Signs

What SEO Companies You Should Avoid – 8 Red Signs

There are lots of companies out there which are dealing in digital marketing and SEO for their valuable customers. But, are they doing right? This is the main concern and the customers should know that what their SEO provider is doing. Are they doing in right way or just playing for mere money.

In the same conversation you will get to know that what are the red flags which help you find that company is cheating with you or not doing search for your brand.

 Poor Quality Content

On daily basis we hear that content is king for SEO practices and this is pretty much true. But, the requirement is that content should be unique, genuine, interesting and simple. Reader will show interest if the content is updated and relevant. Companies which are posting the duplicate or low quality content is actually ruining your brand value rather than increasing it.

Old SEO Tactics

SEO is the active practice which changes according to search engine algorithms update. Outdated off page and on page SEO activities can lead to penalty for your website. This applies on Meta data, keyword use in content, limit of content and like this. Outdated practices harm search engine ranking highly.

 Low Bounce Rate

Some companies cheat their clients by using plugins that reduce the bounce rate by visiting website in every three or four hours. On some websites increasing bounce rate is not a negative flag as it might be some action like call or redirect on other domain. Customers need to track all the changes that SEO companies are making in your website.

 Guaranteed Raking Results

There is nothing like guarantee in the SEO world. If any company is giving you guarantee then stay away from those companies. In 2016 no one can guarantee rankings without penalty risk so, if someone giving you then run away.

 Cost Effective SEO

Automated SEO doesn’t work well as it disturbs user experience. If you are part of automated SEO then it is going to harm your business in long run as the users will get inappropriate data. An automated system can be cheap but when you are doing real manual work, it will take few people to sit there are work which is not cost effective. If you are paying less than $600 to $900 then it is also bad sign.

SEO Setup Fee

Companies which are charging you as SEO Setup fee; ask them why? What a setup fee includes and why it is important. If they are charging for front end research about the business then it seems fine but there is nothing like SEO Setup fee to initialize the work.

 No Google Analytics Access

There are few companies out there which don’t share analytics credentials with the clients. And, this is totally wrong. Clients should have access of Google analytics to track the traffic they are getting from SEO. So, if you are not getting access then you should start looking for other good companies.

 No Monthly Reporting

This is one of the most important things to know for SEO customers. Monthly reporting is sort of summery of what work leading you traffic in the particular month. You can analyze that the work is being done is appropriate and the data shared with others is accurate.

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