Things to Notice for Contact us Page Design

Things to Notice for Contact us Page Design

Contact us page is something where users wants to connect with you for further communication and build a relationship. But, if the contact us page is old fashioned or not providing enough information for initialize a communication then you are truly losing some potential customers.

Creating customized contact us page according to the niche can help you better in terms of user experience. The better you can communicate through website, the better chances you will get to business with users.

Here are few tips for making the page more interactive and meaningful.


1. Keep the page simple – Contact us page should be neat & clean and well organized. Avoid using limitations to fetch contact information. Keep it to the point and short.

2. Eye-Cache – The design and data flow should be eye cache to order to encourage visitors to initiate communication

3. Look Rich – Understand the nature of your potential visitors and customize your page by adding some interesting stuff for them.

4. Show what people are looking for – Be precise with your communication on the page. If it is contact us page, then highlight contact details only. Avoid showing unnecessary stuff on the page.

5. Updated and accurate – Make sure that the contact details are updated and accurate. Wrong information and incomplete details may lead to lose your potential customers.