How You Can Gain More Twitter Engagement – Top 10 Tips

How You Can Gain More Twitter Engagement – Top 10 Tips

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms where one can find and interact with the people of same interest. And all communication happens in 140 characters limit. This sounds bit odd but twitter has become one of top social media sites with this limitation.

If you are new to twitter then it can be little bit confusing in beginning. There some set of basic rules including the twitter setup that can be very helpful to get higher engagement rate.

Twitter Profile – Twitter profile should be filled completely. The better you are readable to other people the more chances you will get to be followed. You bio put great effect on readers and offer them a better glance about your interest.

Profile Image – Profile image should be there. This is very important part and people normally like to follow the people with clear profile image. Profile image helps your fans to remember your identity in their mind. Sharing relevant images with the post also help improving engagement rate.

Website Link – If you are trusted by your followers, you shouldn’t forget to include your web link in profile.

Follow – Find relevant people using the search box or external tools and follow them. Follow all the accounts that you like.

Follow Back – This is also noticeable. Following back to your followers shows your interest in connecting with them.

RT, @, #, DM – Twitter uses some symbol glossary and you should aware of this to get better engagement options with your followers.

Content - Your post of twitter tells much more than your bio. So, whenever you are posting make sure it is latest, interesting and category specific.

Don’t sell – Twitter isn’t about selling something. It’s about your brand and values you believe in. So, offer the latest information about the business or your niche but don’t try to sell it.

Ask Questions – Asking question to your followers help you to remember your followers as well as engage them. Now, they have your name and image in their mind and you don’t need to memorize them.

Show up Regularly – This is the last but least important point. You are required to show regular activities on your account. This encourages your followers to visit you again and again to get the latest update on your business or niche.

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